Pensioner dives in rough seas in Gioia Tauro: 14-year-old saves him as he was about to drown


By John

A 14-year-old boy saved a 66-year-old pensioner from drowning. It happened in the afternoon in Gioia Tauro, in the Reggio area. The pensioner decided to go swimming despite the sea being rough and a strong wind blowing. When the fourteen-year-old noticed that the old man was in trouble, he didn’t hesitate to jump into the water to help him. Despite the strong currents and high waves, the boy managed shortly after to reach the sixty-six year old and lead him to the shore, with many difficulties and risking his own life. The pensioner was rescued by 118 personnel, who had meanwhile arrived at the scene, and was taken to hospital for checks. However, his condition is good. Also on site were the carabinieri and coast guard personnel, who had words of praise for the boy who carried out the rescue operation.