Petrol at six-month highs, at self-service at 1.911 euros. Calabria among the worst in Italy


By John

Fuel prices are rising, with petrol reaching its highest level since 19 October, i.e. for around six months. After the oil rally and the increase in international prices of refined products as well, the average price of petrol in self-service mode is 1,911 euros per liter (1,900 the previous value), with the companies between 1,906 and 1,928 euros/litre (no logo 1,897). Based on the processing by Quotidiano Energia of the data communicated by the managers to the Mimit Price Observatory updated at 8am yesterday 7 April, the average price of self-service diesel is 1.811 euros per liter (the previous figure was 1.803).

On the petrol service, the average price charged is 2.048 euros per liter (compared to 2.037), with colored systems with prices between 1.990 and 2.131 euros per liter (no logo 1.950). The average diesel served is 1.951 euros per liter (against 1.943), with company sales points with average prices between 1.889 and 2.029 euros per liter (no logo 1.853). The average prices charged for LPG are between 0.723 and 0.741 euros per liter (no logo 0.709). Finally, the average prices of methane for cars range from 1.308 to 1.414 euros per kg (no logo 1.316).

Unc: hit by petrol, risks for inflation

Bolzano, Basilicata and Calabria the worst in Italy

«Bad news! Exceeding the 1.9 euro threshold for petrol in self-service mode is a spring shock that we would have gladly done without, an alarming increase given that it risks further reigniting inflation which already soared to 1 in March. 3%, from +0.8% in February”: this is the alarm launched by Massimiliano Dona, president of the National Consumers Union. For petrol in self-service mode, compared to the Regions, according to the processing carried out by the UNC on the data averages of the Mimit, Bolzano is the worst autonomous province with a price per liter equal to 1.946 euros. Followed by Basilicata with 1.936 and then comes Calabria with 1.935 euros. The most virtuous are the Marche with 1.886, then Veneto with 1.893 In Lazio you pay 1.895 euros per litre.