Vibo, “Beyond appearances”: emotions and feelings in the words of Tonino Fortuna at Palazzo Gagliardi


By John

The collection of verses by Tonino Fortuna entitled “Beyond appearances” published by the publishing house Libritalia Edizioni will be presented on Saturday 20 April at 6.30 pm at the monumental Palazzo Gagliardi in Vibo Valentia. Fortuna's verses penetrate the soul of the reader and place us in front of a symphony of sweet, delicate but also violent and contradictory words which accompany us on a long journey of feelings and emotions. His verses are light, intense, rough and penetrating, suspended between the real and the surreal, between events that invade intimacy, becoming intimate and experienced.

The evening will be hosted by an exceptional guest, the journalist Alessio Viola, historical face of Sky TG24, where since 2005 he has hosted editions on major entertainment events, current affairs, political debates and press reviews. The event will also see the participation of the city mayor Maria Limardo, the school director of the M. Morelli Institute Raffaele Suppa and the Libritalia publisher Enrico Buonanno. The journalists of Gazzetta del Sud Stefania Marasco and Vincenzo Varone and the students of the Liceo Classico M. Morelli communication address will speak. The evening will also be enlivened by the piano teacher Daniele Paolillo and by the narrative voices of the students of the Liceo Classico M. Morelli. The work will finally be exhibited among Libritalia's novelties at the 2024 Turin International Book Fair.