Piero Fassino shows his pay slip in court: “4700 euros is not a golden salary”


By John

«In the face of reactions following my speech today in the Chamber, for further clarification I reiterate that, after deducting the national and local tax levies and the social security portion from the gross indemnity, the net monthly allowance that each deputy receives is 4,718 euros. It is ccertainly a good allowance, but not corresponding to the astronomical figures often spread».

Thus, in a note, Peter Fassino, deputy of the Democratic Party. «Each deputy – says Fassino – is then paid a Fund for parliamentary activity of 3,610 euros which, as far as I’m concerned, I use entirely for the compensation of my two parliamentary collaborators. Finally, each deputy receives a monthly allowance of 3,500 euros which, as far as I’m concerned, I donate 2,500 euros to the national and Veneto Democratic Party to support political activities, using the remaining 1,000 euros to cover expenses for parliamentary activity (subscriptions, travel and initiatives). As can be deduced from this punctual and verifiable report – concludes Fassino – the resources that a deputy receives do not represent an undue form of enrichment, but support for political and parliamentary activity”