Pnrr Calabria, a mind-bending remodeling


By John

It cannot be managed as a simple movement of projects and resources from one place to another. The remodulation of a slice of the Pnrr decided by the government will be a technically (and politically) complex operation, in which various things will have to go into the right place. Beyond the assessments on the opportunity to proceed with this step, which has already aroused various reactions at a political level – opposing oppositions, a majority wholly in favor and convinced of the inevitability of this operation – an important operation will also have to be carried out for Calabria to ensure that those projects worth around a billion euros are not lost.
“We saved the projects” The government’s approach is entirely linked to the asserted need to “save” resources and projects – Undersecretary Ferro reiterated this in recent days, replying to the M5S deputy Scutell√† – because it is late compared to the European roadmap which sets an insurmountable limit on 30 June 2026.
Through the remodulation, it is the thesis of Palazzo Chigi, those projects can be moved from the longer times to the structural funds of the 21-27 programming, obtaining a time window up to 2029. There are doubts about the opportunity to “cover” these initiatives with resources that would be used for further interventions. But putting them aside, it will be necessary to keep in mind the indications provided by Svimez, the association for the development of industry in the South, which clearly illustrated the steps to be taken in its latest report.