Province of Catanzaro, boom of the League and the Brothers of Italy


By John

In itself, the renewal of the Provincial Council determined by the second level consultation which brought the mayors and municipal councilors of the province of Catanzaro to the polls would not have who knows what particular importance from a political point of view, above all because the leadership of the intermediate body is remained unchanged. However, the political horizon of the next few months brings the European elections to the calendar and therefore the provincial consultations, and the new balances that derive and will derive from them, deserve some more attention. Precisely with a view to the European elections, therefore, it is necessary to weigh the result of the League’s list: «My satisfaction is also motivated by the fact that this electoral round has confirmed the maturity of the League, and its indispensability in the winning stability of the centre-right coalition», writes the Northern League deputy Domenico Furgiuelethanking both the President of the Regional Council for their efforts in the electoral campaign, Filippo Mancusoand the regional councilor Pietro Raso: Furgiuele therefore puts his hat on the concertation of future choices for the candidacies to Europe and anticipates possible escapes forward, internal or by allies. Three also elected for Fratelli d’Italia which confirms the incumbents and with them the internal power relations between currents. The list of La Grande Provincia (referring to Noi Moderati) is gloating, as it elects two councilors and aims to play the role of the balance, the same as its inspirer, the regional and municipal councilor (in both cases with a majority) Antonello Talericoplays in the Municipality.