USA, Trump wishes poison: “Biden rots in hell”


By John

With a series of searing Christmas messages Donald Trump he gave vent to all his anger again, insulting US President Joe Biden and wishing him to “rot in hell”. In a series of posts published on his social network, Truth, on Christmas Day, the tycoon attacked Biden with violent tones: «they spied on my campaign – he wrote in one, in all capital letters – they lied to Congress, rigged the presidential elections, allowed millions of people, many from prisons and mental institutions, to invade our country, screwed it all up in Afghanistan, and Joe Biden’s thugs, like the deranged Jack Smith, are hunting me at levels of persecution never seen before in our country? It’s called election interference. Merry Christmas!”. Then, in another post, Trump returned to talking about “witch hunts”, a reference to the 91 charges for which he was indicted, he accused the White House of having raised taxes, of having undermined energy autonomy of the United States, and of a whole other series of international crises, from the Russia-Ukraine conflict to that between Israel and Hamas, and concluded the message with a violent attack aimed at Biden and the super prosecutor Smith to whom he wished that «everyone may they rot in hell”, followed by “again, Merry Christmas!”.

This was followed by another series of messages in which Trump highlighted how he is ahead in the polls, both in the party primaries and in the hypothetical challenge with Biden for the 2024 presidential elections. But the good news, rather than bringing him serenity, has fueled a new hatred towards opponents. Among the messages published, perhaps to tone down the tone, Trump also included his cameo in the 1992 film “Home Alone”, in which he shows the way to little Kevin, the child who accidentally ended up in New York after missing the plane to Florida.