Province of Catanzaro making great strides towards elections. But there is the unknown of the (counter)reform


By John

It is already time to look at the next elections for the Province which in December will see the renewal of its council body. As a second-level body, interest and expectations are lower than those of the past, when even the president was elected directly by the citizens, unlike today with the election by mayors and municipal councilors of the centers of the provincial territory, the only to have the right to vote in this case.
But the one scheduled for December – the previous election in fact took place in December 2021, the body is renewed every two years – could be the last appointment with this voting method. In fact, the issue is under discussion in Parliament new reform of the Provinceswhich would return the vote to the population but, above all, would bring these bodies back to that intermediate level canceled by the previous Delrio reform, considered by many to be at the basis of the crisis that hit several Italian provinces (including that of Catanzaro), struggling with a lack of skills and financial.
The scenarios are currently far from defined. In fact, there is the possibility that in December the Council will simply be renewed with the current voting system. Then the political forces, if the (counter)reform were approved, would prepare for a possible election day with the European elections scheduled for next June for the popular vote. A scenario which, at the moment, only appears plausible due to the various requirements that such a step would require. If on the one hand the current unified reform draft provides for the current bodies to be extended until the electoral date (in this case that of June 2024), there is also the proposal not to have all the Provinces go for joint renewal , but that it is decided to hold the elections at the natural end of the mandate of the respective presidents in office. Aspects that will be further defined, in all likelihood, in the coming weeks.