Iran: she removed her veil in public, Zaynab Kazemi sentenced to 74 lashes


By John

Zaynab Kazemian Iranian woman who removed her veil during a public event protesting the hijab requirement in the Islamic Republic, was sentenced to 74 lashes by a Tehran court which deemed the gesture “an offense to public decency”. This was reported by Hrana, the agency of Iranian human rights activists, and various dissident media based abroad, making it known that the sentence is suspended for five years but will be carried out if Kazemi, an engineer, commits another crime during this period.

«I have never regretted it that I raised my voice for justice against oppression and I still don’t feel regretful”, Kazemi wrote on Instagram after being convicted. In February, the woman took off her veil on stage at a Tehran Assembly of Engineers event and criticized the requirement for women to wear the veil in public in Iran. “I do not recognize an assembly that does not allow women to be candidates if they do not wear the veil,” Kazemi said from the stage, taking off her hijab during the event and throwing it to the ground, as can be seen in a video released, which became viral, online at the time.