Province of Vibo, vote on budget postponed. The shadow of mistrust on L’Andolina


By John

Moments of (political) tension yesterday in the Provincial Council. The approval of the 2023-25 ​​budget was eventually postponed by the President who appealed to the regulation to avoid a substantial act of no confidence in him. Basically, the majority of the Board refused to vote to postpone the discussion of the estimated budget requested by the force leader Robert Scalfari.
The proposal of the blue flag bearer was in fact supported by only two elected officials, Daniel Galeano (FI) and Carmine Mangiardi (Coraggio Italia), convinced of the need “to study the various budget items in depth and therefore obtain information of a technical nature from the official in charge of the Body’s “Financial Affairs” macrostructure, who was not present in the courtroom”.
But the proposal was rejected by six provincial councilors. Among these, the three opposition, Domenico Tomaselli and Marco Miceli And Maria Theresa Centerelected with the center-left but above all Giuseppe Leone, Vito Pirruccio (elected with Forza Italia) e Alessandro Lacquaniti (Courage Italy). The latter has even announced that he is leaving the majority, not without expressing “criticisms of the president”.
The centre-right is therefore split between the Municipality and the Province, with the area that belongs to the “Luigi Razza” building to Città Futura, ready to put even the head of the provincial administration in serious difficulty.