Reggina, coach Trocini is in pole position for the bench. Calapai and Mungo are the first targets for the workforce


By John

La Fenice Amaranto accelerates and tries to be a little more “new Reggina”. The newly formed club, after days in which nothing seemed to move, is close to making the first choices to build the team with which to compete in the Serie D championship.
The first will concern the technician. He is now the number one candidate for the amaranth bench Bruno Trocini. His profile is perfectly in line with what we are looking for: a coach of even a higher category, ideal for opening a cycle. Those who followed Reggina between 2015 and 2020 often found it on the road to amaranth. He has often proved to be a very complicated opponent to face (5 wins for him and 1 draw for him out of 8 matches). In Serie D as in Serie C, it is difficult to forget the intelligence with which his teams lined up on the pitch, the intensity they had and the ability to enhance young people demonstrated.
Trocini had his best cycle in Rende. He also did excellent things with Virtus Francavilla. The last two experiences with Potenza and Fidelis Andria were not successful, but it remains a solution of absolute importance. Especially for the top amateur championship. His eventual officialization would be a first change of pace after three days of apparent absolute calm.
Day after day, the inaction encountered by the fans made discontent grow. The reality of the facts is that under the radar we are working on the construction of a new course for which even the foundations were missing.
Perhaps already today, in addition to the coach’s announcement, we are also expecting movements that could bring several incoming shots closer.
In the sights, for example, there would be Luca Calapai. The right back, born in 1993, is currently a free agent after playing last season in Crotone. Domenico Mungo, another player born in 1993 who plays as an attacking midfielder and who has a long past in Serie C, is also being evaluated.
The company will however have a special transfer window open until September 20th. A channel that turns out to be of fundamental importance also for drawing unders from important nurseries, considering that it will always be necessary to have at least four in the field.
Within a couple of days some young players could arrive in Reggio who would then have to be evaluated by the technical staff before a possible registration.
It is no mystery that La Fenice Amaranto is being born without much sympathy from the majority of fans. There is only one way to regain the place: develop an important project, buy top-level players for the category and fight to win the championship.
We need to build a team that is worthy of the city we representas others have already done elsewhere.. It is certainly no coincidence that in the last five years, especially large teams such as Catania, Messina, Palermo and Bari have gone to C from Group I. Three of them at the first attempt after the failure of the previous ones to register society.