Paradiso triumphs in the Palio of the seaside districts of Messina


By John

The Palio of the maritime districts goes to the Paradiso boat. In second place was Pace, while on the last step of the podium was “Case Basse”. In the winning boat Antonino De Francesco (helmsman), Paolo Condurso, Pietro and Lucio Fugazzotto and Alessandro Andronaco. On board Pace were Giovanni Donato, Massimo Salemme, Roberto Manganaro, Stefano Alizio and Letterio Donato. On “Case Basse” instead Manuel Arena, Francesco Visalli, Francesco Vita, Alberto Nicita and Nazzareno Salemme. In fourth place “Caves”. The Palio sIt takes place every year on the occasion of the holidays in honor of Maria SS. Of the Graces, Patroness of Peace. Departure in the stretch of sea in front of Fiumara Guardia with arrival in front of the Church of Grotte. There event, which has its roots in the 17th century, represents one of the most genuine expressions of the maritime spirit of our coastal districts, so much so that for the inhabitants of the Northern Riviera it was recognized by all as “U PALIU”, signifying how much it was important and heartfelt.