Reggina, sitting at the “Granillo” waiting for the Siracusa exam


By John

“Sooner or later they all have to be faced.” The phrase, often incidental, is the one that managers and coaches pronounce when it is time to comment on the publication of the calendars. Never like this year, however, would the new Reggina have done without facing Siracusa already on the second day and after not even ten days of training. The situation of the amaranths is a more unique than rare case in terms of how this season was plannedwith a club registered only on September 11th and when the tournament had already started.
The Aretusei are one of the big favorites for the final victory and, compared to the match against San Luca, it will certainly be more difficult to mask the delay in condition with technical qualities. Also because this time the gap that was in favor of the Amaranths in the Locri match will not be there. Indeed, the great unknown at the moment is understanding whether in the long term Reggio Calabria will have the adequate consistency to play for the only objective worthy of Reggio Calabria in Serie D, that is to win it.
Yesterday the team trained at the “Granillo”. Bruno Trocini is using the week to learn more about a squad that was formed just a few days ago. The same technical project is under development. One of the basics in Serie D is establishing which unders to bet on. Whoever has the best young players, four of whom must field, has a great chance of staying at the top.
On this front some good news has arrived since the debut. Full-backs, two of the roles in which youngsters tend to be deployed in the top amateur category, appear to be players who can be worked on.
Martiner was deployed on the right and Cham on the left, they were both born in 2005 and provided positive indications. At that age the difficulty lies in confirming yourself, especially against top-level opponents.
They were not chosen at random because, for example, the first at sixteen had already played in a Promotion championship as a starter. He had also spent a period at Atalanta, before joining Pro Vercelli who held his contract.
Cham, on the other hand, comes from a period at Cremonese and is today owned by Lfa Reggio Calabria. The two today, even in the case of 3-5-2, could be part of the starting eleven with the Italian fifth on the right and the Gambian in the central trio.
At the moment, unlike other D teams, Trocini has chosen to focus on the goalkeeper over Martinez. This means that we need to find space for another two unders in the hypothetical starting eleven. A 2003, two 2004 and a 2005 must always be on the field (or more young ones for each year).
For the 2003 class Trocini has four important profiles available: Bright who is a right midfielder with a past in Milan (his spell in Seregno in D was good), the former Sampdoria midfielder Bontempi, the right back Dervishi (past from Atalanta and Inter) and Provazza (from Reggio Calabria who has already done great things in D).
Among the 2004 players, midfielder Zucco has already shown his qualities and he is joined by Altamura (external striker), Latella (full-back) and Ponzo (midfielder). To complete the picture, the other 2005 players: goalkeeper Fecit, midfielder Perri (also on the pitch in Locri) and center forward Coppola (who started on his debut).