Reggina wins the derby with Gioiese in the last assault: Zanchi decides in the 91st minute


By John

Reggina-Gioiese 2-1
Markers: 9′ st Perri, 30′ st Vasil, 46′ st Zanchi.
Reggina (3-5-2): Martinez 6 (1′ st Velcea 6); Parodi 6, Adejo 6, Cham 5.5; Martiner 5.5 (40′ st Lika sv), Mungo 5.5, Barillà 5.5, Perri 6 (30′ st Renelus 6 ), Porcino 5 (40’st Zanchi 6.5), Bolzicco 5, Provazza 5, 5 (25′ st Zucco 5.5). Available: Engineers, Rana, Belpanno, Kremenovic. Coach: Trocini 5.
Gioiese (4-3-3): Lando 6.5; Faye sv (24′ Toscano 6), Oliveira 6, Chazarreta 6, Montefusco 5.5 (18′ st Gorshdian 6); Titizian 6, Poli 6 (33′ st Mandaglio sv), Teliz 6; Lia 6 (18′ st Guerrisi 6), Vasil 6.5, Zamani 5.5 (12′ st Sanchez 6). Available: Smith,, Maressa, Messaggi, Latella,. Coach: Cozza 6.5.
Referee: Saccà of Messina 6.
Note: Warned. Parodi. Spectators 4,064 of which 227 guests. Injury minutes: 0′ and 5′

Just the points. There are no other positive indications that Reggina can draw from the victory obtained beyond the 90th minute against Gioiese in the Serie D tournament. As time expired, Zanchi’s goal arrived, setting the score at 2-1, denying a point that would have boosted morale for Ciccio Cozza’s team. The Viola coach, making his seasonal debut in “his” Granillo, immediately made an impact on the team, which has seen the arrival of many new players in recent days. The challenge proved to be particularly complicated for the Amaranths who returned to reveal the usual problems that have often characterized matches played at home. Excluding a few impromptu scoring actions, Reggina stood out for a slow and predictable game that failed to put Gioiese in difficulty. The guests, especially in the first half, were appreciated for their ability to press their opponents and not give them much space.

As the minutes passed, the Viola’s physical and athletic vigor diminished and the hosts were able to accelerate their offensive play. And so, already in the first part of the second half, the 1-0 goal arrived. Perri signed it again, taking advantage of a nice cross from Parodi from the right. Once in the lead, the Amaranths were unable to close the match. Partly due to lack of concreteness in the opponent’s penalty area and perhaps due to lack of courage in attacking. So Vasil, with a nice right-footed shot after receiving a ball in the penalty area, finalized a nice counterattack for Gioiese. It seemed over. However, first Renelus had the equalizing ball in the 90th minute on which the exit of the guest goalkeeper Lando was providential. Shortly afterwards Zanchi bagged the winning ball with a nice volley.

The race towards the playoffs continues for the Amaranths, who are fourth today and with two games less than all their immediate pursuers. Gioiese, on the other hand, can draw good indications in view of the start of its new race for salvation with the renewed squad.