“Irregular” checks in an inspection center in Cosenza: complaint and seizure are triggered


By John

As part of the institutional services, the PD team of the Cosenza traffic police section identified an inspection center that carried out the checks required by art. 80 CdS irregularly. Upon delegation of the AG, an info-investigative activity was therefore started with the use of IT systems. From the aforementioned activity, confirmation of the investigative hypothesis emerged and, therefore, in the end, precautionary measures were requested and obtained. Specifically he was coming preventive seizure decree issued by the investigating judge at the court of Cosenza relating to an inspection center based in Cosenza and related equipment used for the activity.

The investigation concluded with the denunciation of 2 people in a state of freedom, examined by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Cosenza, and the seizure of the illicit activity.

Furthermore, a seizure decree was issued for n. 51 registration certificates of vehicles irregularly inspected with notice for extraordinary inspection to be carried out at the MCTC of Cosenza. It is specified that the measure adopted by the investigating judge at the Cosenza court was carried out in the current preliminary investigation phase and is based on provisional charges which will in any case have to be confirmed in the hearing and in subsequent levels of judgement.