Reggio airport, the EU shows the way


By John

«Fighting the war, for the rebirth of our beloved Reggio with courage and perseverance, bears fruit that bodes well for the future. You must never get discouraged or lose hope. Eight years ago, when we alone fought the battle to make our port of strategic and non-national interest, we were seen as approved visionaries out of the general context. Today, that Europe, thanks to the very important question of the Hon. Vincenzo Sofo, expresses himself on the strategic importance of our airport, for us soldiers of the army of Reggio, it is a day of joy and greater awareness regarding the strength and importance of the battles we have supported up to now and still to continue fight, to revive the beating heart of our Reggio».
The city councilor is really euphoric Massimo Ripepi, who dismisses the good news for “Tito Minniti” and thanks the MEP Vincent Sofo «never known personally, for having come as far as Reggio for the purpose of supporting, with the amaranth T-shirt, the soldiers of Reggio in the second and important demonstration held at Tito Minniti. As we have always stated, we are open to and seek the help of all those who, regardless of political affiliation, want to support the struggles for our city”.