Tragic clash on the Ionian-Tyrrhenian state road near Melicucco, three dead including a 3-year-old girl and her mother


By John

Tragic clash in the afternoon on the Ionian-Tyrrhenian state road in the municipality of Melicucco in the province of Reggio Calabria. Dramatic budget with three dead, including a 4-year-old girl, died a few minutes after arriving at the Polistena hospital, and three injured. The road accident involving two cars that collided head-on – an Alfa Romeo Giulietta (carrying a man, who died) and a BMW (with five people) – took place a few meters from the junction for Melicucco. A few ambulances and an air ambulance intervened on the spot, with the presence of the carabinieri and agents of the Polstrada who are trying to reconstruct the dynamics of the accident.

As the hours go by, the balance becomes clearer: little Maya and her 37-year-old mother Antonella Teramo lost their lives. Both originally from San Calogero, they were on the BMW together with their uncle DT’s family, returning from a trip. With him his partner VC, a well-known vocalist from Vibo, and his 3-year-old daughter. The condition of the woman is more worrying that she is hospitalized in the Gom of Reggio Calabria in a reserved prognosis in the intensive care unit. The little girl is instead at the Messina Polyclinic, where she was transferred by helicopter and is hospitalized in pediatric intensive care in a reserved prognosis. The man’s condition is not serious. The third victim is the driver of Alfa Romeo, Domenico Politi, 39 years old from Cittanova, owner of a well-known pizzeria in Taurianova.