Reggio: April 25th between the Regions Tournament and Corrireggio, Latella: “Once again sport triumphs, an exceptional vehicle for the promotion of the territory”


By John

“Once again sport triumphs. We are happy that even on this 25th April, Liberation Day, sport was the protagonist in our city. This morning the Regions Tournament, an event of national caliber which takes on a historic significance for our territory, because it coincides with the reopening, albeit still partial, of the Pianeta Viola sports facility, after the renovation works which will bring it back to the glories of the past, indeed much better . A circumstance that has been planned for some time and is actually very important, which marks a fundamental stage in the growth path that our city is experiencing in terms of the care and implementation of the heritage of sports facilities, both at a competitive level and for grassroots sports. We are also satisfied with the excellent success of Corrireggio, an event that has now become a beautiful tradition for our city and which over time is confirmed as an attractive eventcapable of attracting not only citizens, but also many visitors, sports enthusiasts, and which also has important meanings in terms of civic and environmental commitment”. Thus in a note the Managing Director for Sport Giovanni Latella.

“These have been hectic days for the municipal administration and the metropolitan city, both bodies engaged in the work that has allowed the Modena plant and the areas of the city center to be ready for these two important events. I therefore thank the offices who worked hard, all the companies, our municipal company Castore, but also the Local Police and the Civil Protection. The success of the two events, which also fall on a long bridge that many have used to visit our Reggio,. it is the result of excellent team work, which gives us a sign of the city's ability to be ready for important events, not only on a sporting level but in general for all those events that are able to attract thousands of people to Reggio This is one of the strategic directions of the mandate of the Administration and of Mayor Falcomatà. And in fact in the next few days there will be no shortage of events, both sporting and cultural, capable of projecting Reggio into the most important circuits, also producing a decidedly positive impact in hospitality and commercial terms”.

“We continue to work, together, to ensure that our city is increasingly attractive and hospitable. That citizens feel truly involved in this growth path and that visitors, we hope more and more even with the arrival of new flights to the Strait airport, have an increasingly greater opportunity to visit the many beauties that our city offers. The next summer season, which despite the still harsh climate we can consider to have already begun, will be an important test for city sport and in general for the entire Reggio community”.