Miracle in Gaza: the pregnant mother killed in a raid, the baby is born by caesarean section


By John

Miracle in Gaza where a baby girl was born in the Emirates hospital after the death of her mother, killed in an Israeli raid in Rafah. The doctors managed to save her thanks to a cesarean section. But the little girl was born an orphan not only of her mother: the entire family – her father Shoukri and her three-year-old sister Malak – was wiped out by the bombing. The story is covered by both the Guardian and Britain's Sky News.

“We tried to save the patient,” says Dr. Ahmad Fawzi, but there was nothing left that could be done for her. «But we realized that she was pregnant and so we had to do an emergency caesarean section to try to save the baby. Thank God, we succeeded.”

The little girl had difficulty breathing but doctors managed to gently pump air into her mouth. In the video, the little girl is seen in an incubator. She has no name but attached to her hand is a ribbon with the inscription simply reading “Daughter of the martyr Sabreen al Sakani”.

According to the Associated Press, she should be named Sabreen Jouda and will be taken care of by her uncle. «Sabreen al-Sakani was thirtieth weeks pregnant – another doctor, the head of the hospital's neonatal unit, Mohammed Salama, explains in the video -. The newborn's condition is now stable, she will have to stay here for three 3-4 weeks.”

Also in Rafah, another air strike killed 17 children and two women, all belonging to the same extended family, the Palestinians said, quoted by Sky. There were heartbreaking scenes in hospital as relatives mourned babies placed in body bags.

A relative, Umm Kareem, said the children were killed while they slept in their beds, complaining: “These children were sleeping. What have they done? What was their fault? Pregnant women at home, children sleeping, one woman was 80 years old. What had this woman done? Had she launched missiles?' According to the latest balance sheet from the Gaza Ministry of Health, the victims of the Israeli offensive to date are 34,151, with 77,084 injured.