Reggio asks for Peppe’s return: Falcomatà or Scopelliti?


By John

The grains of the hourglass continue to flow. Slowly but inexorably they mark the time until the suspended mayor returns. And now – always permitting the Court of Cassation – we are at the end. At Palazzo San Giorgio, as well as at Palazzo Alvaro, you can feel the right tension that precedes the great event of the return to the saddle of Giuseppe Falcomatà, who will have at least two years ahead of him to try to revive the fortunes of the city. And to do so – the usual well-informed sources report – he is ready to go “all in” by completely eliminating the municipal council to make use of the enthusiasm and skills of a new government team, which will also have to deal with a new geography of the municipal council.
And while Falcomatà warms up the engines which will inevitably also agitate the cent-left, in the centre-right there is another Peppe who “threatens” to mix up the games, while continuing to maintain an aristocratic detachment from politics and continuing the promotional tour of his book like a consummate successful writer. The tour of the writer most loved by Reggio continues, but above all Peppe Scopelliti continues to deny his possible/eventual return to politics. She says it and repeats it on every occasion but the tone is less and less clear. After all, it is not easy to resist the pressures that come from everywhere. Yesterday, for example, a sign appeared in via Esperia in Santa Caterina with the imploring words “Peppe come back!” (complete with an exclamation point). Will he be aimed at Scopelliti or Falcomatà?