Reggio, attempted extortion against the owner of a commercial business: two arrests


By John

In recent days, the State Police Agents on duty at the General Prevention and Public Relief Office arrested two subjects in the act of committing the crime of attempted extortion against the owner of a commercial business.
Following a phone call received by the local Operations Room, in which a heated argument was reported in progress between various subjects in a street in the city centre, the Flying Police officers, thanks to the strengthening of the territorial control activity aimed at combating the widespread petty crime, they reached the indicated place in a short time, effectively noting the presence of three subjects intent on discussing near a commercial activity.
In particular, two men, a 42-year-old of Indian origins and a 32-year-old of Pakistani origins, despite the arrival of the State Police Agents, they continued to threaten the owner of the business with setting fire to it and, if he filed a complaint against them, with death.
The investigative activity immediately conducted by the Volante operators made it possible to outline a clear picture regarding the extortion matrix behind a previous request for money.
Both subjects, homeless and with various police records, were arrested for the crime of attempted extortion and made available to the Judicial Authority which, after validating their arrest, ordered the application of the measure against them of pre-trial detention in prison.