Reggio, cradle of Magna Graecia, is a candidate for educational travel destinations


By John

The cradle of Magna Graecia offers itself as a tourist destination for students and high school students of the country who they could discover how the Chalcidians following the indications of the oracle of Delphi at the mouth of the river Apsia (the current Calopinace river), they encountered a vine wrapped around a wild fig and founded Rhegion. Of course, according to the data, Calabria is not one of the favorite destinations for educational trips. How can we reverse the trend that sees school groups even from southern Italy heading towards Puglia or Basilicata? The municipal and metropolitan councilor, Giuseppe Marino think of a series of operations to be implemented together with other local actors to promote the best face of the prestigious history of the city which houses the Riace Bronzes and many testimonies of an illustrious and authoritative past.
«We have an enormous heritage to promote. The territory houses evidence of an authoritative history in the National Museum, in addition to the famous Riace Bronzes. The Greek area still manages to keep Calabrian Greek alive. A four-day “tourist package” could be created around these elements which, starting from the visit to the MArRC, can then move on to an immersive experience among the villages of the Grecanica area. Not only that and why not think of making Cilea the stage of ancient Greece?”. A package with which to bring together school groups.