Reggio, “I love Lego” arrives in the city: the exhibition that enchants children and adults


By John

I love Lego, the exhibition that has already seen over 1 million visitors in its stages around the world, starting tomorrow 7 September will be hosted inside the Civic Art Gallery of Reggio Calabria and the Foyer of the Francesco Cilea Theater and can be visited until January 6, 2024. Among magnificent dioramas – which enchant both children and adults – built with over 1,000,000 assembleable bricks, the exhibition tells the incredible evolution of what, from one of the most common and well-known toys, has transformed over the years into a real and own work of art.

The exhibition is promoted by the Municipality of Reggio Calabria, Department of Culture and Tourism with Councilor Irene Calabrò, as part of the project “Pilot actions for a cultural and tourist district of the City of Reggio Calabria”, based on the corresponding action of the PON METRO React-EU, produced and organized by Piuma, in collaboration with Arthemisia.