EU, Occhiuto mission begins in Brussels: governor visits Calabria Region headquarters


By John

The mission to Brussels of the President of the Calabria Region has begun, Roberto Occhiuto.
In the morning, the governor visited the headquarters of the Calabria Region at the community institutions, which after years is once again fully operational, with officials on permanent duty.

“It is important to have a permanent presence of our Region in Brussels – said President Occhiuto – because the most important decisions concerning Italy and especially the South are taken here.
For years we have unfortunately had a black hole, now, however, we have a constant beacon on everything that happens in the European Parliament and the European Commission.
The work that our officials do to maintain and intensify the collaboration of the Region with the Permanent Representation to the European Union is also fundamental, a quality structure that supports institutions and bodies in dialogue with the various levels of the European community.
When I arrived this headquarters was closed, our offices abandoned and our rooms almost colonized by other Regions, today we have this permanent presence in Brussels.
A normal fact, but unfortunately it wasn’t a reality for us until a few months ago”, concluded Occhiuto.

After visiting the headquarters of the Calabria Region, the governor also wanted to meet officials from other regional administrations present in the Belgian capitalunderlining the importance of a positive collaboration between the different regions to pursue the objectives that local communities and our country want to achieve at a European level.