Reggio, Lamberti sings with Otello Profazio: “Here you have fresh air”. And that’s not good


By John

He may even be unpleasant to some – you certainly can’t please everyone – but as he has no masters or godfathers his analyzes of the city are (almost) always lucid and never banal. Eduardo Lamberti Castronuovo he looks at the city from his privileged observatory and tries to imagine what the immediate future could be.
Does Reggio want to change?
«There is a good part of citizens who would like to live in a normal place, another who enjoys the existing chaos, because shamelessly, they take advantage of it. The fact is that no one does anything, except for a few shouting voices in the desert who, paradoxically, instead of gaining approval, collect lies, insults and unmotivated opposition. If we add to this the incessant activity of the haters, the calculation is easily done! This, in a nutshell, is the desolate panorama that we all have before our eyes.”
But shouldn’t those who want the city to change work harder?
«The city, beautiful and kind, until the 1970s, witnessed in daze a continuous spoliation. The something takes on an unacceptable negative value. Powerful mercenaries, pro tempore, but who cause damage to the city’s heritage, with difficult possibility of moral and material compensation. Can I add something?”
«What is indigestible is that even the Holy Mother Church would seem to respond to this logic with the short closure of the Archbishop’s Seminary and transfer to Catanzaro! Beyond belief. And to this further inexplicable spoliation, there is added the grotesque, if not delinquent, intention of the Palaces to alienate the Dante Alighieri University for Foreigners in favor of masters of the culture trade, making it online”.