Roccella, a 27-year-old kidnapped at home by her jealous partner, saves herself by screaming from the balcony


By John

Kidnapping. With this accusation the carabinieri of the local station arrested, a Roccella Jonica, in Reggino, a 36-year-old local. The Army soldiers, during a normal patrol service, were alarmed by screams coming from a house in the historic center of the town. As they got closer, they noticed that a 27-year-old girl was looking out of a window asking for help as she was locked in the house. Having tracked down the partner in possession of the keys and freed the woman, the police found that the man had been there for several days, probably out of jealousy, before leaving the house. he locked up her partner, not allowing her to leave until she returned. The man was then transferred to the prison in Locri, where he is currently at the disposal of the judiciary who validated his arrest.