Reggio, mayor Falcomatà visits the Skinner cooperative: “A real asset for the city”


By John

The mayor of Reggio Calabria Giuseppe Falcomatà visited the headquarters of the Cooperativa Sociale Skinner Onlus, one of the most active entities in the city's third sector, which has been operating for more than 40 years in the Reggio Calabria area, currently taking care of dozens of children and young people. Together with the first Citizen, Councilor Filippo Burrone also visited the operators of the day facility.

“A moment of conviviality and joy – said the mayor speaking to the operators and parents – but also a way to thank those who fight every day to be alongside these kids and their families. Skinner – added the mayor – it is one of the longest-running and most active organizations in our territory, a real flagship in the universe of solidarity at a municipal level. I truly thank these people who dedicate themselves every day, often amidst a thousand difficulties, to stand by us to these kids. They are an asset to the entire city and this cannot be emphasized enough.”

“The visit to Skinner has now become a beautiful tradition for me – concluded the mayor – every time we cross the threshold of this structure we truly feel at home, not only for the affectionate welcome of the operators, but also for the enthusiasm of these children who are truly extraordinary and transmit their energy and joy of life even with just a glance. We will continue to stand by this reality which is truly a medal on the chest for the Reggio community, for more than 40 years. point of reference for the families of the city, a place where the heart of beautiful and gentle Reggio beats ever stronger”.