Reggio, the increase to 36 hours for the Municipality's LSUs approved by the Council


By John

The socially useful workers of the Municipality, having achieved stabilization some time ago, have seen their working hours increase to 36 hours per week. Mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà, in fact, it formalized the initiative, through a resolution approved by the Reggio Calabria City Council, which “recognizes the commitment and self-sacrifice of those who have been working for years at the service of the city community”.

«In recent years – stated the mayor – we have taken every possible action to put an end, once and for all, to precarious employment in the public administration, giving certainty and continuity of work and allowing fathers and mothers of families to reach a adequate salary to face the future with more serenity”.

«This activity – continued Mayor Falcomatà – fills us with pride because it seals a path that has been underway for some time and which strengthens our conviction regarding the concept of work which must instill dignity in people, also and above all through adequate and fair remuneration. The increase to 36 hours, obviously, best summarizes this concept and certifies how the Municipality of Reggio, among the few in the whole of Southern Italy, has eliminated every form of public precarious employment and instilled greater certainty and full employment stability in own employees. An activity for which I would like to underline the fruitful commitment of the former Personnel Councilor Francesco Gangemi, who has worked in recent years to achieve this important result”.

«Work – explained Giuseppe Falcomatà – is and remains the only lever capable of raising the quality of life of individuals and of the entire territory, even more so when it comes to public work, within a territorial administration and therefore at the service of citizenship. We are therefore proud to have made and respected a commitment to the workers. It is to them, now, that I address my most affectionate thoughts. In all these years, despite the uncertainties and difficulties dictated by the particular economic situation, they have never held back. Indeed, they contributed effectively to the functioning of the Palazzo San Giorgio machine. And today, together with the many new hires that the Municipality contracted just two months ago, they can continue their work, supporting the administrative activity, aimed at the social growth of our territory”.