Reggio, students in the classroom during the city council. Marra: «Experience to continue»


By John

«The experience lived yesterday by the students of the “Piria – Ferraris/Da Empoli” institute suggests that the path is the right one: we need to open the doors of Palazzo San Giorgio more and more to the younger ones and ensure that they can understand and become passionate about of politics and administration of the City”. Thus the president of the municipal council, Vincenzo Marra, comments on the presence of a delegation of students from the VB and V “Sia” classes of the Reggio Emilia state technical and economic institute at the work of the city council. The students, accompanied by the teachers Luciana Siviglia And Monia Cristarellatook their places among the benches reserved for the public, having the opportunity to exchange opinions and comments, before the opening of the proceedings, with the municipal councilors present in the “Battaglia” council chamber.

The students then visited the most significant rooms of the Palace, from the Chandelier Hall to the “Mayors' Hall” up to the offices of the mayor and the Prime Minister, learning useful references to better understand not only how the administrative life of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria, but also what its evolution has been over the decades.

The interested and attentive faces of the students made it clear how real their interest in institutional life is. «We will ensure that many other classes from the city schools can be present during the works of the City Council. These are young people who are now entering the experience of the active electorate. It is the administrators' task to create the best conditions so that they can exercise it in the most conscious way possible”, concluded President Marra.