Reggio, the Metropolitan City has approved the executive project of Archi – Ortì


By John

The Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria has approved in recent days the executive project of the intervention “Works for the connection of the Archi-Ortì road.” The approval of the executive planning is highly awaited news by the community residing in the hilly area of ​​the city of Reggio Calabria.

This public work was planned in previous years with specific budget savings foreseen by the Falcomatà Administration, which financed the planning activity in the Metropolitan City. the intended objective is the redevelopment and restoration of this infrastructure aimed at increasing the attractive potential of the area, of notable tourist, environmental and landscape value, as well as facilitating the achievement of the well-known hilltop village.

The kilometers that separate the Archi district from Ortì are less than 10 and the arrangement of this busy artery becomes strategically indispensable for the numerous inhabitants who have chosen not to abandon the hilltop village. An effective tool, therefore, to combat the depopulation of internal areas.

The construction of the new road artery will be completed through a synergistic dialogue with the Municipality of Reggio Calabria, taking into account that the artery falls within the state property of the Municipality itself.

Given the positive feedback from Palazzo San Giorgio, the Executive Project will soon be forwarded for the continuation of the work process, financed by the Municipality with the “Pacts for the South” for a total amount of 1,650,000 euros, with the specific tender. Then the start of work for its construction which should take an estimated period of approximately 270 days.

A strategic work that enhances an entire territory, makes its use safe and shortens important distances from the city and its services.

The attention to the hilly area fully falls within and respects the mandate guidelines of the Mayor Falcomatà put in place not only by the relevant sectors, committed to translating them on the administrative level, but also by the metropolitan deputy mayor, also in his capacity as traffic delegate, Carmelo Versace, and the activity of the deputy mayor of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria Paolo Brunetti, and of the former councilor for Public Works Rocco Albanese. The representatives of the two administrations, municipal and metropolitan, together with the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà, have been engaged on several occasions in an activity of discussion and listening with the citizens residing in the hilly village, following step by step the recently approved planning activity .