Reggio, the Metropolitan Council approves the agreement with the Mediterranean


By John

A Metropolitan Council short but fruitful and rich in content. During yesterday’s meeting, convened at Palazzo Alvaro and chaired by the acting mayor Carmelo Versacethe Metropolitan Council moved quickly, had no problems and approved a series of budget changes to adjust some spending chapters for the correct implementation of the programmatic guidelines.
The metropolitan councilor responsible for the budget reported on the first point on the agenda, Giuseppe Ranucciowho specified that these are “interventions linked to activities mainly linked to the functionality of the organisation, including the adjustment to the Anac contribution, with the generation of tender codes”.
The metropolitan hall of Palazzo Alvaro also gave the green light to the approval of the outline of the agreement with the University of Mediterranean Studies of Reggio Calabria, to regulate the collaborative carrying out of activities of common interest. After the technical clarifications provided by the manager Giuseppe Mezzatesta and the general director of Palazzo Alvaro, Umberto Nucara, the acting mayor Carmelo Versace highlighted that ¬ęthis agreement creates a strong synergy between two institutions, strengthening an agreement, which has been put in black and white and which aims to further enhance the professionalism present within the University, also sharing some spaces and programming compatible with the respective institutional missions”. In short, great results are expected for the area.