Putin strengthens axis with Kim, “more collaboration”


By John

A “closer collaboration” between Russia and North Korea “on all fronts”. Vladimir Putin – the great absentee at the G20 together with Xi Jinping – congratulates on the 75th anniversary of the proclamation of the Pyongyang regime. A message of hope with which the Russian president paves the way for next week’s meeting in Vladivostock, in the far east of Russia where the North Korean leader will probably arrive aboard his beloved green and yellow train.

The meeting focuses on a possible agreement for the supply of weapons to Moscow. In exchange, Pyongyang could receive grain, oil and currency but also – this is the greatest fear of observers – particularly sensitive military technologies capable of threatening neighboring South Korea and Japan. A closer axis between Putin and Kim in fact complicates not only the security of Ukraine but also that of the Korean peninsula. China is looking carefully at greater collaboration between Moscow and Pyongyang which, while maintaining close diplomatic relations with the two countries, has – according to rumors – some reservations.

A high-level Chinese delegation attended the parade marking the anniversary of the country’s founding alongside Kim and his daughter, in a visit that gave Beijing the opportunity to speak directly with the North Korean leader before his trip to Russia . And that Xi has entrusted to Liu Guozhongone of the Politburo members expert in health and agricultural policies, so as not to be seen too close to Kim in working on security and defense issues.

The Chinese president, in a message for the anniversary of the founding of the country, complimented Kim for the work done: under the «strong leadership of the Workers’ Party and the incessant efforts of the people – he said -, in the last 75 years, new results have been achieved in the socialist construction of North Korea.”