Reggio, UniDante without peace – Gazzetta del Sud


By John

There is no peace for the Dante Alighieri University. Yet another attempt at a Dante-style “coup” has taken place in the hope of finding a savior, who in a spirit of benevolence free from personal interests and political calculations, offers his disinterested help and directs the ship to port. The savior, this time, is not one, there are two: the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà and the president of the Chamber of Commerce Ninni Tramontana. Both, with the excuse that Dante would be in crisis and that the merger process with Mediterranea would have stalled, thought of bringing together the University Consortium to bring into the Board of Directors of the University itself a new association which has given itself the same name as the Committee, now extinct, which had founded Dante together with the public bodies still present in the Consortium today, but not paying for years. The new association is a very different entity from the one actually envisaged by the rules, statutes and regulations. It is a social promotion association established just over a month ago and of which nothing is known except the name, namely “Reggio Calabria Committee of the Dante Alighieri APS Society”with the intention of appointing the members of the University Board of Directors, thus entering into the governance of the University, it is not known with what economic contribution, given that no information was provided either to the academic and governing bodies of the University, nor to professors or administrative staff.