Ilaria Salis elected to the European Parliament: appeal for her release. The father: in the Islands most voted by Vannacci


By John

Ilaria Salis she was elected MEP on the Avs list, receiving significant support with 170 thousand preferences, of which 120 thousand in the north west and 50 thousand in the islands, even exceeding Vannacci's preferences in these areas. Despite his electoral success, Salis finds himself in a complicated situation, currently under house arrest in Hungary.

Immediate appeal for Italian intervention

During a press conference in Rome, Angelo Bonelli, MP for Avs and spokesperson for Green Europe, drew attention to the need for immediate action. “Ilaria made a courageous and very risky choice, she preferred to dare and fight for an ideal,” said Bonelli, underlining the responsibility to act quickly to ensure that Salis can take up his role in Strasbourg without impediments.

Criticism of the management of the official announcement

Bonelli criticized the Italian government's approach in handling Salis' situation, accusing the authorities of “trenching themselves behind waiting for the official status of those elected” and of showing an “attitude of indifference”. The appeal was directed specifically towards Antonio Tajani And Matteo Piantedosiwith the request not to wait any longer to communicate Ilaria's election to the Hungarian judicial authority.

International support and political future of Ilaria Salis

Ilaria Salis' issue has also found an echo beyond the Italian borders, with David Lundy, spokesperson for The Left group in the European Parliament, who assured full support for his mandate. “We are in contact with Ilaria Salis' team and her father. As an anti-fascist activist, she will find a home in our group and, if necessary, we will put pressure on Parliament so that she can exercise her mandate from the beginning,” Lundy said.