Regina for sale? “No requests.” Versace against Ilari: “He’s asking for 500 thousand euros”

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By John

For Reggina, the evolution of the facts is not as fluid as was imagined at a certain point in view of the appeal to the Council of State. Yesterday the current owner of the company, Manuele Ilari, issued a statement in which he underlined that he had not received “any acquisition request” from the club.

A sort of frozen shower for the entire square that saw the change of ownership one step away. A passage considered by the fans as a sort of necessary condition to change the conditions in view of this summer’s decisive act.
In his communication, Ilari clarified that he had received “only and exclusively some expressions of interest”. “Should they – he added – turn into a purchase request, they will be taken into consideration for the good of Reggina 1914”.

The view of the facts provided by the current owner of the amaranth club clashes with the situation known to the institutions. The latter are aware of the concrete interest of an entrepreneurial group and of direct interlocutions between the parties. Already on Tuesday, the signing of an act certifying the transfer was considered imminent.

From that day forward something seems to have jammed. The metropolitan mayor Carmelo Versace, speaking on the microphones of Radio Antenna Febea, provided a reconstruction of the events. “Mr. Ilari – he explained – it would seem, I don’t have an official document of this, ask for 500,000 euros for the sale of its shares. The serious thing is that he would not be subordinated to whether or not he stays in Serie B, but he asks to put this compensation aside ».
«In the meeting – he added – that we held in San Gregorio di Catania, in the presence of a public official, Dr. Ilari spontaneously and voluntarily declared that he was not in the economic conditions to be able to support this project and that he wanted to out as soon as possible.”

Reggina at the moment would be in the interest of an entrepreneurial consortium capable of guaranteeing a certain corporate solidity. Ilari is currently the 100% owner of the shares, based on an acquisition that has a termination clause linked to admission to the Serie B championship.
«The solution – highlighted the metropolitan mayor – was to make a consensual termination of the contract with the signatures of Saladini and Ilari. They haven’t reached an agreement.”
«Felice Saladini – continued Versace – must recover the shares and complete the operation. As he got us into this mess, he must get us out of it.’

Meanwhile, the Calabria Region takes sides with Reggina in the Council of State. A choice that the Municipality and Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria had already made.
«Reggina does not only represent a city or a territory, but a spirit of identity that goes beyond the borders of football and above all beyond the borders of Calabria». This was stated by Giusi Princi, vice president of the Calabria Region, with responsibility for sport. “Which is why – he continued – I can announce, in agreement with the president of the Region Roberto Occhiuto, that the institution will appear in defense of the amaranth company in view of the hearing on August 29 at the Council of State”.