Rende, the future of the city area depends on urban decoration


By John

Urban decoration and environmental redevelopment are two of the main topics of these weeks.
In Rende, especially in the areas of Quattromiglia, Commenda and Roges, citizens often raise their voices and fuel controversy. Sidewalks and streets are used as (negative) examples to reiterate what is wrong. Yet, it must be said, a project linked to Pnrr funds was planned (and financed) precisely for urban decorum.
“The Pnrr intervention involves the redevelopment of some road sections with a view to urban regeneration of the municipal territory, to improve the accessibility, functionality and safety of spaces and places of transit and aggregation. The objective of this project is to redevelop, raising the urban decor and ensuring the safety of some road sections that act as main arteries for connection to the most important municipal infrastructures”, we read in the official document, also published on the Municipality’s notice board. Considering what was deduced from the technical documents, the priority of the old Municipal Administration was to “improve the Via Leonardo da Vinci road axis and the Via Don Minzoni road axis. The main purpose of the interventions hypothesized in this project are to guarantee superior conditions of accessibility and road safety to the Via Leonardo da Vinci and Via Don Minzoni road axes”, it is written.