Reshuffle of the council in Catanzaro, the reflection of the former councilor Casalinuovo: “The team has distorted itself”


By John

The reshuffle of Giunta in Catanzaro left its aftermath. Fiorita is no longer part of the Executive Aldo Casalinuovo who reflected on the assignment of new powers. “Yesterday I followed the presentation of the new municipal council and listened to Mayor Fiorita’s introductory speech. First of all, I was struck by the very humble atmosphere that hovered in the concert hall of the Municipality, with the mayor himself who after his speech almost “forgot” the presentation of the new city executive (very different from last year’s joyful atmosphere full of expectations). But, beyond this, I was truly baffled by a passage in his speech, where he stated that there is no distortion of the profile politician of the new junta, the latter being always the same as that of June 27, 2022, the date of the ballot and of his victory over the competitor candidate. I believe that the mayor has omitted a fundamental passage. In fact, he did not say that the reshaping of the junta was determined by the fact that, in the meantime and after the “appropriate” negotiations, some municipal councilors elected from the center-right ranks passed into the majority structure, one of which, even, passing directly from the bench of opposition councilor to the position of councilor. It therefore happens that the new majority of which the junta is an expression, is the result of a council operation of pure transformation, with some councilors (one of these elected with the “Italy First” list, i.e. the League) who have made the quail jump from one deployment to another. The mayor adds: in this way the duck is no longer lame and we will have greater stability. This too is an assessment that cannot be shared for two reasons. The first is that to date there have never been any signs of a possible crisis. I said it and I repeat it, it is very difficult for the city council to dissolve because no one wants to give up the seat won after a demanding electoral campaign, and there have been cases of minority city government even close to us. I am referring to Lamezia Terme, but I also want to mention the case of Soverato, where the mayor Alecci, discouraged, ran again immediately afterwards, elected stronger than before. These are not new situations that can certainly be managed with shrewdness and balance and, let’s say it, with a political “character”. Second reason, in close connection with the first. Fiorita should have put before all the qualifying political data emerging from last year’s elections with his affirmation, and that is to say, protecting the profile of the centre-left coalition of which he is (was) an expression. We are not dealing here with “ideological” rigidities (far from me), it was and is instead a matter of keeping the starting political project unchanged, first of all out of respect for the electoral will, but also, rationally, to consolidate the centre-left line-up in city ​​in future perspective. Instead, he preferred to give in immediately to the requests of the center-right area represented by Talerico, which obviously will strengthen for each next and subsequent electoral deadline, becoming that same area in fact the majority shareholder of the municipal government. I would add, also thinking of the two dear friends and prestigious professionals who were forcibly resigned, Nino Cosentino and Venturino Lazzaro, that there is also an ethical profile and one of political logic: those who supported and voted for Fiorita, others enter who neither supported nor voted for him. So good?! I doubt it. In all of this, the PD is a dot in space. It recalls the play of Chinese shadows, where what appears is not: a citizen secretary who has resigned, but has not resigned; a political or technical assessor according to convenience; a political line that is inscrutable but still produces seats for some. Relegated to a corner, hush-hush, the PD will hold the candle to others from here in the future, at Palazzo De Nobili, waiting to definitively burn its hands. Who decided that this was the right position with respect to the Fiorita-Talerico operation? Mystery. But I’m sure – from what I’ve heard in recent days – that if a survey were done among members and sympathizers, many would reject the “cutting” operation, as the mayor defined it, who evidently considers it only a technical ploy. The truth is that, at present, the PD in the city is totally evanescent, without management, subordinate for the convenience of a few, all centered on personal dynamics and trajectories that have even led to the indication in an investee company of a non-registered person, not a area, and even of different political orientation. There is a lot to work from the foundations, if we really want to reverse the trend and give passionate militants free from personal interests the right dimension and political satisfaction, avoiding their definitive disengagement due to the manifest impossibility of changing things”.