Rosarno, the centuries-old olive trees of the entrepreneur Patrizia Rodi's farm were cut down and set on fire


By John

Unidentified people cut down some centuries-old olive trees, while they set fire to others, on the land in Rosarno, in the province of Reggio Calabria, of the «Tenuta Badia» agricultural company owned by the entrepreneur Patrizia Rodi, director of Coldiretti Calabria and vice-president of the Reggio Calabria Chamber of Commerce. The facts date back to last Saturday. The owner of the farm immediately reported the incident to the police who started investigations to try to trace the perpetrators of the gesture. Such incidents had already occurred in the past to the detriment of the farm owned by the entrepreneur. «A vile act and an unspeakable gesture – they comment Franco Aceto and FFrancesco Cosentini president and Director of Coldiretti Calabria – to Patrizia, an entrepreneur who after years returned to her land to manage the family land where citrus fruits, olive trees, pomegranates and kiwis are produced. Coldiretti extends its full support to you as it always acts as a bulwark against illegality and any form of abuse and harassment.”