Rosarno, the redevelopment works of the Medma Park have been delivered


By John

The redevelopment and valorisation project is taking shape more and more Medma archaeological park in Rosarno. This morning, the redevelopment works were delivered to the company “Condelli Antonio” in the relevant tender, in the presence of the municipal administration led by the Mayor Pasquale Cutrì and in the presence of the Metropolitan Deputy Mayor Carmelo Versace. The Archaeological Park of ancient Medma is located within the Municipality of Rosarno. The area has been the subject of excavations since the end of the 19th century and was subsequently the subject of systematic investigations which brought to light significant traces of the Medean civilisation.

The objectives that are intended to be achieved with these works include the valorisation and redevelopment of the area and are configured as a set of solutions aimed at the conservation of the archaeological assets and their valorisation within a wider cultural circuit, interested both in the value archaeological value of the site and the enormous landscape value of the area. All of this is part of an overall project worth around 270 thousand euros, the company in charge of the contract will have to complete the work by next June.

“On the path already traced by the Extraordinary Commission – stated the mayor of Rosarno Pasquale Cutrì – today we write an important page in the history of our city and, in collaboration with the Metropolitan City, the redeveloped area will be fundamental for the development of Rosarno, which wants to be not only a city of hospitality but also a city of culture. We will take action to intercept every possible resource so that the Medma Park improves in the quality of the spaces and services to offer to the community.

Satisfaction expressed by the deputy mayor of the Metropolitan City Carmelo Versace, who on the sidelines of the delivery of the works recalled the commitment of the Metropolitan City, owner of the archaeological area, for the relaunch of the Rosarno center as a new point of attraction for citizens and tourists. “With the delivery of the works, the bureaucratic process that we started a few months ago concludes, in line with the guidelines of the metropolitan administration led by Mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà – said Versace – for a fundamental stage of the path that marks a new point of departure. Today, together with the municipal administration of Rosarno and the entire community, we are starting the works that will redevelop a truly important area for this territory, for a long time deprived of the use of citizens and tourists. The works will last just a few months and we therefore plan to being able to open the area before the summer period, taking advantage of this positive synergy that we managed to create with the Municipality of Rosarno, with the educational institutions and with the Superintendence. Thanks therefore go to all the actors involved in this activity and from today we starts again, supporting the work of the new municipal administration, for the shared objective of creating development in such a beautiful area in which there is still so much to discover”.