Roseto, the village of different skills: everything is ready for the ceramic experience


By John

The appointments, organized by Netural Coop, of the second phase of the Roseto project – The village of diversity skills follow one anotherfinanced through the funds deriving from the tender for the support of enhancement projects of the villages of Calabria, dating back to 2018, intercepted by the municipal administration of the Municipality of Roseto Capo Spulico, led by the mayor Rosanna Mazzia.

The scheduled events aim to create a path aimed at fueling the protagonism and vivacity of the local community, favoring the creation of new sustainable businesses, and the strengthening of the tourist offer.

After the meeting with Francesco Sisto, founder of Officina Maremosso (First Social Workshop of the Ionian Sea and a project based on the environmental, economic and cultural revitalization of the Ionian territory), during which the processes of recovery and construction of boats were discussed, sustainability, how important the sea is and the preservation of ancient crafts such as the shipwright, how water sports are exploding and much more, on 3 August it will be the time to explore the Authentic Village of Roseto to discover its characteristics and the skills of its citizens.

Guided by the guys from the Virtual Community, a social promotion association committed to enhancing the territory and its community, it will be possible to listen to the stories hidden in the alleys and buildings of the village and visit some places currently at the center of an intense urban regeneration process.
The final stage of the exploration will be the ceramic workshop of Tiziana Musumeci, aka AbraCalabria, the only ceramist present in the village.

With her, all those who participate in the event will be able to “get their hands dirty” by learning the fundamentals of this creative art, thanks to a workshop in the splendid Piazza Immacolata.

The experiential journey through the alleys of the Borgo Autentico will end with an aperitif at the Caffè del Borgo.

Roseto Capo Spulico continues its action aimed at bringing out the different skills of the Rosetan Community, aiming at the shared discovery of glimpses of operational existence and values ​​of doing still to be discovered and valued.

Participation in the event is free, but registration is required here