Messina, crackdown by the carabinieri: 120 fines and 24 people reported for alcohol and drugs


By John

In the month of July, the Carabinieri of the Mobile Radio Nucleus of Messina, the Arma Department which, as part of the coordinated control plan of the city territory, together with the other Police Forces, ensures the prevention and emergency intervention service in During their 24-hour patrol, they checked 1,874 vehicles and 1,944 people.

As part of the services, also carried out with checkpoints in the city center and in the peripheral areas, also implemented at night, the Carabinieri reported, for various reasons, 24 people for illegal carrying of weapons, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, as well as refusal to submit to testing for drug use or alcohol test and other crimes. Following the checks on subjects subjected to restrictive measures ordered by the Judicial Authority, one person was arrested for evasion, having been found outside her home without any authorization although she was under house arrest.

On the anti-drug front, well 24 people, aged between 22 and 49, were reported to the Prefecture as drug users, with the simultaneous seizure of hashish, cocaine, crack and other drugs.

Following the road traffic checks, the military of the Arma contested over 120 violations to the Traffic Lawsamong which driving without a license, speed not commensurate with road conditions and the failure to use a helmet and seat belts, conduct, these, which often cause accidents and which seriously endanger the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

This, in addition to the various interventions carried out by the patrols at the request of citizens and managed by the Operations Center of the Provincial Command of the Carabinieri, is part of the results of the planned service plan of the Carabinieri of the Radiomobile Nucleus of Messina, which carry out the daily surveillance activity , uninterrupted, with fast cars and motorcycles.