Roseto, with the “Village of diverse skills” project, free training for those who want to start a business in the area

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By John

The Roseto – Village of diverse abilities project is moving towards the conclusion of the second phase and is projected into the third with the first appointment scheduled for 4 September, organized by Bottega Filosofica srl ​​Benefit Society and Daniela Caddedu.

After the many exploratory and cognitive initiatives implemented by the experts at Fertile City and Netural Coopclose to conclusions, in the days to come a rich calendar of training meetings with Bottega Filosofica will come to life, dedicated to those who want to create businesses and bring out the immense potential of the territory and accompany the ideas of local entrepreneurs.

In a fast-paced world, there is no time to stand still and wait for someone to change things. Change comes from one’s desire to do things, from courage, from ideas. For this reason the municipality of Roseto Capo Spulico is making innovative tools and important professionalism available to the territory to encourage the initiative of individuals, make new buds sprout and create the best preconditions for the creation of new activities that can contribute to the regeneration of the economic fabric.

With the help of professionals from Bottega Filosofica we want to involve all those who have an entrepreneurial idea, all people, of any age and skill, who want to get involved and create a new business path. Accompaniment, training and study activities for new start-ups will be implemented to allow a more conscious entry into the world of entrepreneurship.

It will not be a face-to-face trainingbut it will be an opportunity for experiential and participatory learning, in which short essential, exquisitely educational moments, to align levels of knowledge and language, will be accompanied by direct experimentation of what is shared. The workshop cycle, in fact, is dedicated both to those who participated in the preliminary phases and to those who are not yet on the path but would like to be part of it. The presence of those who already have entrepreneurial experience will be invaluable because they will be able to contribute to broadening visions, including their own.

From 4 September to 3 October, a real full-immersion will take place, in four distinct appointments, with many training activities to learn to “work with the context”, “work on oneself”, to learn “Business Design” models ” and “Business Development”. All free of charge for all participants who want to work on the construction of profit projects to bring added value to the Roseto community, whether resident, temporary or in transit.

Knowing how to seize these opportunities is the first step in realizing your business idea and contributing to the growth of the economic fabric of the area in which you live. All that remains is to step forward and give shape to your ideas.

The activities of the “Roseto – Village of diverse abilities” project are financed through funds deriving from Announcement for the support of projects to enhance the villages of Calabria, dating back to 2018.

Thanks to the funds intercepted by the municipal administration of the Municipality of Roseto Capo Spulico led by Mayor Rosanna Mazziathe Ionian village continues to enjoy an intense season full of initiatives that promote the concept of Skill at the center of a series of coordinated actionsand, creating a link with the territory through real “Community grafts” in the city fabric.