Russia: “Ukrainian maxi attack on Crimea repelled”. Two drones hit skyscraper in central Moscow


By John

Two drones caused one strong explosion in the center of Moscow, hitting a skyscraper used in part as offices and residential apartments. “The glass shattered in the explosion at the level of the fifth and sixth floors of the 50-storey building on Presnenskaya embankment»an 911 source told TASS. The people present in the skyscraper have been evacuated. According to some Russian media it is a Ukrainian attack and there would also be one wounded. A video of the attack was released on social media. The same drones then shot down west of the Moscow region would have been hit.

A temporary restriction on the presence of any aircraft was introduced in Moscow’s airspace for a few hours. Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport was then back in operation. Meanwhile, a drone was destroyed in flight over the territory of the Odintsovo district and two others were disabled and crashed in the city of Moscow.

The Russian Defense Ministry – according to reports from RIA Novosti – also states that: «Tonight an attempt by the Kiev regime to carry out a terrorist attack with twenty-five unmanned aircraft over objects in the territory of the Crimean peninsula». She says it. According to Moscow, 25 Ukrainian UAV drones were neutralized by Russian air defense. There were no injuries or damage.