He stabs a woman to death and posts images of her last moments of agony on social media


By John

He stabbed a woman to death by posting his last moments of agony on Facebook (Fb) before being arrested. The story took place in a small town in the San Francisco bay areawrites CNN. Based on initial investigations, the police were alerted by a witness who claimed to have witnessed a stabbing on Facebook. He then provided the name and number of the killer who posted the video. Officers tracked down the man Mark Mechikoff, 39 years oldin a San Jose apartment.

The man attempted to escape, but was arrested two hours later in a residential complex. “While the motive for the victim’s stabbing is still under investigation, we know that Mechikoff he mercilessly filmed his last moments and posted the video on Facebookthe San Mateo police said. Prior to the arrest, officers spent nearly three hours going door to door in the large compound before finding the victim in an apartment. Mechikoff, who apparently knew the victim, was indicted for murder and after a brief court appearance on Friday, he will return to court on August 4.