Russian ballet in Calabria: Ukrainian associations protest


By John

Representatives of some Ukrainian associations staged a demonstration this evening in Lamezia Terme for protest against the dance show “The Nutcracker”, by Tchaikovsky, staged in the municipal theater “Grandinetti” by the “Russian classical ballet”. The demonstrators displayed signs with writings stating that the Russian culture against Ukraine is “the culture of murderers” -calabria-protestano-le-associazioni-ukraine-9c335356-e4f2-4f5c-a152-956de66c6258/.”The proceeds of the show – said the promoters of the protest speaking to journalists – will be used by the Russian government to buy and produce weapons for destroy our children and our nation.” Another protest demonstration was announced by Ukrainian associations in view of the public screening of the Russian film “The Witness”, scheduled for February 17th in a conference center in Lamezia.