Salvatore Nicolace, the eldest son of Natuzza Evolo, died at the age of 78. The funeral will take place tomorrow at 11


By John

Is dead Salvatore Nicolacethe eldest son of Natuzza Evolo, the mystic with the stigmata, who passed away on November 1, 2009. A sudden illness bent his body late last night in his home in Paravati, where he was with his wife for a holiday. Gusto the day before yesterday you had taken part in the solemn celebration presided over by the rector father Michele Cordiano for the first anniversary of the inauguration of the “large and beautiful church” of the Villa della Gioia, dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Refuge of Souls, opened for worship, after years of waiting, by the bishop Monsignor Attilio Nostro on 6 August 2022. Salvatore, resident in Rome for some time – where he had moved, once retired, after having worked for a long time in Sicily for a well-known bank – he was 78 years old. His funeral will take place tomorrow (August 9, 2023) at 11 in the Church of the Madonna degli Angeli, the same one frequented by Fortunata Evolo during her earthly mission.

Salvatore Nicolace, together with his other brothers – including the late ones Anna Maria And Anthony, who passed away a few years ago – has always discreetly carried forward mother Natuzza’s message of faith and hope. A life that of Salvatore, marked by the deep bond with his special mother, from whom he inherited simplicity and humility. As eldest son Salvatore was a direct witness together with his father Pasquale Nicolace, of the many phenomena that characterized the life of Fortunata Evolo: from the stigmata during Lent to dialogues with the deceased. Often at the invitation of his mother he was able to take care, for future reference, of the transcription and typing together with Anna Maria of Natuzza’s dialogues with Jesus and the Virgin Mary. A precious work from which the biographers of the mystic of Paravati have often drawn and which is certainly already the subject of the utmost attention by the Church in the context of the beatification process, already started some years ago by the then bishop of the diocese of Mileto-Nicotera -Tropea, today emeritus, Monsignor Luigi Renzo. As a boy, Salvatore Nicolace also witnessed the moments in the 1950s when the townspeople flocked en masse to via Nazionale to attend Fortunata Evolo’s talks with the souls of the dead. A period that even today the elderly people of Miletus and Paravati remember perfectly.

But the eldest son of the Servant of God he was also a witness, together with the other members of the family, of the many visits that his mother received in the welcoming house in via Nazionale, where the spirit of faith was perceived in every corner. Men and women of all social conditions who every day arrived punctually from everywhere at the mystic’s home to receive a word of comfort and hope. Natuzza Evolo’s children, including Salvatore, before getting married and embarking on their journey, were able to discreetly assist in that coming and going, well aware of having to share their special mother with others and above all with the neediest who daily knocked at every hour of the day on the door of their home. Years away but still alive throughout the community of Paravati di Mileto.