Structural plan of Soverato, yes to the preliminary but with only the vote of the majority


By John

The political climate in Soverato is livened up and in the last city council paradoxically the remote clash between the president of the city council becomes central Salvatore Riccio and the group leader of “Maestrale” Azure Ranieri. Once comrades in the political adventure within the UDC, today the two councilors sit on opposite benches of majority and minority.
None of the group led by Ranieri shows up in the Council, but he precedes the beginning of the session with a harsh statement criticizing the methods of convening and managing the City Council. In summary, Ranieri points the finger at the marginalization of the minority from administrative life and from calling meetings, arbitrarily decided by the president, and the difficulty of having guaranteed political practicability in the face of a majority that would not allow room for discussion and would not provide the access to the preparatory documents for the approval of resolutions.
Accusations promptly sent to the sender by the president of the meeting who considers them “the instrumental attempt to hide the absence of councilwoman Ranieri from the City Council, which out of 20 meetings did not attend 13”. An issue destined to ignite the hot August days from which the City Council takes leave by unanimously approving the eight items on the agenda. Among the most important is the one related to the Municipal Structural Plan: “We bring to the council – explains the mayor Daniele Vacca – the preliminary document which will be followed by the other phases that will build a fundamental urban planning tool to be adopted for our city”. A preliminary document, explains the councilor Giusy Altamura, «which does not commit further public land for residential buildings, limiting the intervention in this area only to the improvement of the building and urban quality of the existing one, instead providing for new buildings for accommodation and production structures and a redevelopment of the city through public green areas».