Salvini, in Sicily not only the Bridge over the Strait but also roads and railways


By John

«I'm happy because we are making up for years of delays. There have never been so many real investments, real construction sites and not fake inaugurations.” Thus the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteo Salvini, in Belpasso answering journalists' questions on the sidelines of the start of work on the Misterbianco-Paternò section of the Catania metro. «In Sicily – added Salvini – there will not only be the Bridge, which will be a total change of life for the better not only for the island but for all of Italy, because it alone does not solve the problem. The Bridge with the 30 billion that we are investing on roads and motorways, railways and subways in Sicily and the other 30 billion in Calabria changes lives. Italians in general in a few years will see first-hand that we are doing what our parents did for Italy after the Second World War.”

“With Schlein different ideas, that's the beauty of democracy”

«Schlein was with me on the plane. We joked. I told her 'I go to build, you go to stop'. That's the beauty of democracy. I don't understand how anyone can say no to public works that will create tens of thousands of jobs. I repeat, that's the beauty of democracy. Some say that we shouldn't build infrastructure. For me, for the League and for the ministry I direct, infrastructure is needed in Sicily and throughout Italy. Schlein and I met and greeted and smiled. We have different ideas.”