There is no peace for the Palmi speed camera: after the fire, it has now been riddled with gunshots


By John

A two-way speed camera which is used to check the speed of vehicles in transit, installed at the end of 2023 along State Road 18 in San Filippo in Palms has been damaged Last night. Unknown persons targeted him with around thirty bullets fired at eye level along the two sides of the device. However, the bullets did not cause any damage and the surveillance cameras and speed cameras are working. The Palmi municipal police, the carabinieri and the police intervened on site. The speed camera had already been damaged a few months ago in a fire. The device has long been strongly contested by citizens due to the numerous high administrative penalties.

The condemnation of the president of the city council Francesco Cardone

“It is not a question of different opinions, nor of choices that someone can contest; we are discussing incivility and respect for the rules. We, as a Community, are and will always remain on the side of the Law and respect for the rules; we will always fight and with every effort the illegality and arrogance of those who believe that by force they can impose choices that are not shared. The speed camera – the president of the city council Francesco Cardone underlined on social media – was immediately repaired and is functional; we will not be intimidated and we will move forward for our path, that of legality and respect for the rules. Obviously, always ready and available to initiate a cross-examination on the choices and the reasons underlying them, but only in the competent bodies”.