Schifani: there is organized action on fires, we need to work as a team


By John

«With regard to the fires of the last few days it is now clear that here there is a real organized and prepared action which is implemented especially in moments of hot ventilation and sirocco, therefore there is a system of such perfection that can only be countered with prevention. We can have hundreds of teams, but the Canadairs and helicopters cannot fly at night for safety reasons, even if we had more men we cannot cope with this delinquent strategy.” To say it Renato Schifani president of the Sicily Region during a meeting in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto organized by the national deputy of Forza Italia Tommaso Calderone.

«Here in Sicily – continues Schifani there is also a need for greater help from the State as happens in certain moments, I remember for example the Sicilian Vespers operation. There is therefore a need for a State commitment to fires to adequately monitor the territory. We will put our resources, we will buy, we will carry out prevention activities without discounts but it will not be enough, we will need a more massive presence of the state with its tools. It was a complicated night – added the governor – and we cannot go on like this. I am sorry to have been forced to break that principle of continence that I have always tried to follow and that one must have when one has responsibilities by speaking little and reassuring by postponing controversies until later. Yesterday I broke this rule of mine, because I think it was inappropriate when people are worried about their existence like yesterday about the fires that someone complains about regional governments and protests are feared, in this case I felt hurt as a Sicilian. I’m used to being a team player and these are the moments in which we have to team up. The opposition is doing its part but – Schifani commented – I reminded the Democratic Party that even at the time during the Crocetta government there were multiple fires. I therefore reminded the Democratic Party that it was not the first time and I asked for a sense of responsibility.”

I will ask for a meeting with Piantedosi on the strategy for the fires

«I will continue to follow, as I have done all night, the drama of arson and criminal fires. I announce to you that I will ask for a meeting with the Minister of the Interior to discuss the issue. It is, in fact, clear, and I spoke about it with my managers, that behind these attacks there is a precise strategy that perhaps goes beyond the mafia. We put out a fire and half an hour later, 500 meters away, another one appears. It is clear that there is preparation and the wind makes things worse.” Thus the president of the Sicilian Region, Renato Schifani, speaking at the political training school for local administrators. «Even if we had hundreds of teams, they wouldn’t be able to cope with this delinquent strategy – adds the governor – So, we will discuss with the minister what territorial defense strategy we can implement. We certainly need a stronger and more massive presence of the State.”

Fitto guaranteed that Zes activity does not stop

«With Minister Fitto we discussed cohesion policies on extra-regional funds and, in particular, on the single SEZ for the South. The minister gave us guarantees that the economic activity financed by the current SEZs will not stop, and this was our concern.” Thus the President of the Region, Renato Schifani, at the political training school for local Forza Italia administrators. «In short, it is clear that we are working to not lose a single euro and deny those who say that Sicily will lose billions of European funds. We are working with Minister Fitto, our councilors and our offices to ensure that the residue that the previous government was unable to spend due to the emergencies it had to face, primarily Covid, is recovered.”

Better accounts can be reviewed by agreement with the State

«We have some important appointments. For example, I will be appointed extraordinary commissioner to build the waste-to-energy plants and we will do our best; we will have a decree that will allow us to speed up work on the A19. And, again, the agreement with the national government on regional accounts. The financial situation has improved, so we will be able to review the blood and tears agreement signed by the previous government. This will allow us to unblock competitions, which is not only the possibility of employment for young people looking for work, which is also important, but it is the solution for the efficiency of the administrative machine: there is a lack of officials, there is a lack of managers who have not been replaced ».

Separation of PM careers is a reform of reforms

«Certainly the reform of reforms is that of the separation of careers. We could have done it, but we were prevented from doing so in 2001 because a majority party said no. We moved forward, today it is still not there. It is certainly a battle that we must not abandon, but, in the meantime, we must continue the battles for the repeal of the Bonafede regulations so that the process has a reasonable duration, so that it does not last for life. With what sense of the State can one ask a citizen to pay a fine 20 years later, when he is a completely different person? Luckily we are making great progress. I would like to focus on the various reforms carried out by the Government on justice such as the statute of limitations. We need to reflect and reiterate with what sense of the State is today also asked of a citizen, who may even have made a mistake, after twenty or thirty years of serving a sentence when he is now another person, thinks differently and has entered the society. It is not acceptable that the punishment arrives too late.” To say it Renato Schifani president of the Sicily Region during a meeting in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto. «Fortunately – continues Schifani – we are making steps forward thanks to the Government and the work in the Justice Commission of Tommaso Calderone. There will be work to do but I am convinced that many things will improve. I also believe that the issues regarding the clashes between the judiciary and the executives after the Palamara case and others are destined to ease. Of course politics must be united and transparent. I remember when I also fought as group leader in the past for the law reforms and we always got the opinion of the CSM and a strong press campaign against it to stop us, even if not requested, those were difficult moments. There were constant attacks on Berlusconi and you know how things turned out to condemn a person just because it is thought that he was the creator of a system to evade taxes and not the other subsequent administrators who would have been the executors of that project I think it is It was absurd and I think rock bottom was reached.”

From Berlusconi I learned to listen

Remembering Silvio Berlusconithe president of the Region Renato Schifani, speaking at the political training school of Fi administrators, said: «I reassured him, telling him: you trained us, we are here, there is a ruling class, we will carry forward your idea of ​​Forza Italia. I learned a lot from Berlusconi, above all I learned from him to listen. He listened a lot. And then he decided. Days ago, on the occasion of the appointment of the provincial commissioners, I saw that the parties were discussing, but they were not reaching an agreement – he added – I could not allow the institutions to remain without guidance while they were discussing. So I did like Berlusconi, I decided. I took responsibility, because a politician must know how to take responsibility.”